How do I add a listing?

Before you add your listing, read through this page.  We hope this tips will make it easier to add a quality listing for your business.

1. Start by Registering on our site.  Click on Register.

Add listing start

2. Type your email address and password, then press the ‘Register’ button.  You will be logged in and now you can start adding your listing. 

Add listing register

3. Start adding your listing by typing your company name and a detailed description of what you do.



4.  Then select all the categories that fit your business.



5.  Now it’s time to add the items you offer for hire.  Start typing the item/keyword, a list will appear, choose from the list or finish typing your item and press the ‘enter’ key.



6.   Do not forget to add images for your listing!  Click the ‘Upload image’ button to start…



7.  Now click ‘Select Files’ button to choose images from your local PC to upload…



8.  After the image was uploaded, tick the image and click the ‘Insert’ button in the left bottom corner of the screen…



9.  The image is inserted into your listing.  Now you can choose to make it your logo and then add another image by clicking the ‘Upload Image’ button again!



10.  Now you must add your location.  This will help potential customers to find your listing if they search on location.  Start typing your location and then select the correct address from the Google list.



11.  After selection your address, click the ‘Generate on google map’ button to ensure that a Google map is added to your listing.



12.  All that’s left to do, is to type in the ReCaptcha phrase, accept our terms and click the ‘Submit new listing’ button!