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Pack your bags and get ready to spend a gala time with yourself at a Zen location nestled amidst the breathtaking snow-covered mountains, from where you can view the serene nature all around. Traverse to the meditative land of Nepal and soak in the spiritual atmosphere of the country. Nepal is a diverse land of beatific Himalayan ranges, mesmeric lakes and valleys, etc. which make it one paradisiacal place.

The soulful assimilations of the country take you into the internal terrain of awareness with a yoga retreat in Nepal.

About the Program

Heaven on Earth, Nepal surely is, and with yoga vacation here is the rightful way of relishing every aspect of the country in terms of beauty, culture and spirituality. Traverse to the Elysian holy birth land of Gautam Buddha and bathe in the blissful beauty of the place while having the best yogic experience with us.


• Yoga school in Nepal is renowned for its quality education, and the serene ambiance makes the practice more upheaving.
• An ideal way to reach to the spiritual core at this divine land is with the practice of meditation.
• Get introduced to the traditional yogic practice with Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga.
• Learn everything valuable about the holistic healing art and relax the body and mind.
• Count and concentrate on your breath while controlling it with the Pranayama practice.
• Connect deeply with nature by practicing yoga amidst it, and while uplifting excursion facilities.
• Utilize the facility of rejuvenating with Ayurveda massages and learn Ayurveda cooking for a better life.
• Read and attain theoretical knowledge of yoga through yoga philosophy and other ancient texts.
• Learn about purification with yoga cleansing, and indulge in other yogic activities.

Accommodation and Food

The place where we accommodate our guests and students is cozy and great for peace seeking yogis with everlasting and panoramic views of the mountains. The rooms are spacious and well- facilitated with all the basic and modern amenities and is perfect to sit back and relax. Like a comfortable staying place, a healthy diet is important too. We offer delectable and nutritious yogic Ayurveda meals thrice daily to our students.

About Yoga Training in Nepal

Yoga training in Nepal is an ideal platform that offers an array of yoga retreats in Nepal at the best yoga schools in Nepal. Doing their service in a superlative manner, traverse here and relish all the facilities provided by them.

Infinity Resort Pokhara Lakeside
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