200 Hour Yoga Training Certification in Nepal in Nov 2020

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Rishikul Yogshala offers 200 hour Yoga teacher training in Nepal at the serene and picturesque destination of Pokhara. Enliven the true yogic experience in the lap of nature. Discover inner-liberation in the heart of the Himalayas. Expand the knowledge of spirituality and yoga while unfolding some of nature’s beautiful treasures.

About the Program

Join the 200-hour yoga teacher training in Nepal to deepen the practice, reach the next level, become a professional yoga teacher, and get recognized internationally. Be aware of the true form of yoga through professional teachers, and wisdom of thousand years old traditions. The 200-hour yoga teacher training Nepal is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate level students.

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Program Highlights

  • Daily practice of Hatha, ashtanga and other yogic movements for improved physical and mental health
  • Meditation session for intensifying spiritual growth, better concentration, build focus and develop a clear perspective
  • Deep breathing exercises or pranayama for clearing the lumped knots from the mind and gain clarity
  • Mantra chanting for creating positive vibrations
  • Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation
  • Yoga anatomy and physiology for understanding the human body organs and know about their functions in detail
  • Yoga philosophy for understanding yoga from the perspective of Hindu mythology
  • Teaching methodology classes for building confidence so that you’ll become a professional yoga guru under the right guidance
  • Adjustment and alignment techniques to correct the posture
  • Shat kriyas for cleansing exercises

Food and Accommodation


Meals are served three times a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). You can enjoy Indian flavors like lentils, rice, chapatti (Indian bread), seasonal vegetable curries, and seasonal fruits and vegetable salads. The choice of tea or coffee is also served along with healthy snacks.


Rooms are available on a private and shared basis. Each room has an attached washroom, free Wi-Fi service, and modern amenities. Some of the rooms provide breathtaking views of the mountains and lakes. The rooms are spacious and comfortable.

About the School

Rishikul Yogshala is a renowned school. It is well known for serving authentic knowledge of yoga. It’s a professional team, balanced curriculum, and spiritual surroundings provide serene surroundings for the holistic development of an individual.

Narayan kunj, Jonk , Swargashram Ramjhula, Rishikesh
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