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Divya Garbh Sanskar is world’s most advanced online program for pregnancy. Divya Garbh Sanskar provide Garbh Sanskar online live classes all over the world on more than 120 different topics. They also offers different courses runs in planning & pregnancy to up to delivery.

Divya Garbh Sanskar believe that pregnancy should be by choice and not by chance, so should be carefully planned and managed as per the principles of Garbh Sanskar giving the parents a complete control during this development phase of fetus. According to our fundamental principle underlying Garbh Sanskar is that unborn baby is able to sense, feel, listen, dream, respond to outside stimulus & environment like thoughts, feeling of mother, soft music, vedic mantra sung in a particular rhythm etc. We provide all online pregnancy classes world wide.

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
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