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Shaoxing Hanxiang Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established in 2008, which locates in Shaoxing County Keyan Industrial Park, covering a unit area of 150 and building area of 150,000 square meters, great geographical location and convenient transportation.As a good China sock making machine Suppliers  and Silk stocking machine suppliers,The company mainly produces good Silk stocking machine.

which may be required to weave different safety gloves for various industries usage, high production efficiency, low labor intensity, good investment returns, the degree of automation Silk stocking machine can rival foreign similar products, is currently an advanced glove braiding machine. As the product of high quality, high efficiency output,the integrity of the price and quality of service, the company has won recognition of our customers, while recognized by the industry, the products are sold well in domestic market and exported to overseas.

Yuzhu Village,Keyan Street,Shaoxiang County
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