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Outdoor-Geek. de is a German website that is all about the topics of outdoor, survival, hunting, fishing and prepping. Not just do we write articles about these topics, yet we also create engaging video content where we show what we discuss in our articles in reality. We have a team of full-time writers employed and also sometimes has some industry experts write for us to widen our range of topics and get more insight right into things that concern our readership. Outdoor-Geek. de was founded in early 2018 and our aim is now to become the most reliable and most widely read online publication in German-speaking countries including Austria, Germany and Switzerland. We also check some products, for instance, survival knives or camping gear. Through this, we actually practice what we preach and go all in. Unfortunately, our website is currently only in German. Maybe at some point, we will also offer English language content.

Schubertweg 4 79787 Lauchringen Baden Würrtemberg Deutschland
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