Why are we doing this?

In the recession of 2008/2009, we barely survived. It was the worst times of our lives. With two small children, a hiring company with almost no work, creditors unpaid, overdraft maxed out and R1,600 in the bank. It was then when we realised the value of a customer. The absolute preciousness of work. My wife and I then came up with this idea, Why don’t we create a website where customers can come and present the work that they have available and we as hire and rental companies can compete to rent our items to them. Also, the customers must be able to find the items in the area closest to them, to cut costs for them.

Since then the site has expanded to cover a wide spectrum of needs. Not only hire companies, but also product and service companies, as well as individuals, are listing our website.

Our goal is to provide a directory for all product and service needs, listing companies and individuals nationwide. We have now also expanded the directory worldwide.

The directory include companies offering:

Plant and machinery

  • Heavy Equipment and machinery
  • Small Tools and equipment
  • Building tools
  • DIY
  • Gardening
  • Sheds and containers

Technology Systems

  • IT and Audio
  • Entertainment
  • Household
  • Medical and disabled mobility
  • Business


  • Baby equipment and toys
  • Catering and functions
  • Clothing and evening wear


And many more!